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Chevy Volt Recharging for 2016

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Not only is a Volt redesign coming, but GM is also secretly working on an all-new EV.

Believe it or not, the Chevrolet Volt has been on sale for a couple of years now and GM is busy prepping a redesign for 2016. Specific details are being kept under wraps, but now that Tesla has burst onto the scene and literally shocked GM management by just how good the Model S is, the next-generation Volt needs to be something substantial. Sources indicate that the car will feature a greater electric range and will cost less than the current model.

Styling wise, it will likely maintain its conservative look (those looking for something with more pizazz will have the Cadillac ELR). But what's really interesting here is that Chevrolet is very quietly developing a new EV that will supposedly have a 200-mile range and carry a $30,000 (if not less) price tag before tax breaks. It's rumored to have a generator that's similar to the Volt's but GM engineers are working so that it'll run on gas, diesel or natural gas. This so far unnamed model will also launch in 2016 alongside the new Volt – just in time to take on Tesla's upcoming entry-level Model E.

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