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Chevy Vs. Ford Argument Turns Violent And Ruins Easter

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Guns, knives, booze. It's all there.

People will forever debate whether Chevrolet or Ford is the better automaker. This is an argument that will never end because it can never be won or lost. Each side will debate until the moment they die why one brand is better than the other. Unfortunately, one such debate turned into a nasty argument and quickly grew violent.

Meet Mark Edwin Turner. He's 56 years old and been charged with a felony for malicious wounding, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and possession of a firearm by a felon, according to WSET-TV in Lynchburg, Virginia. It all started at a pre-Easter dinner last month where Turner and his girlfriend's adult son got into an argument about whether Chevy or Ford trucks are better.

One thing led to another and Turner soon pulled out a knife. His girlfriend thrust herself in between the two men but ended up getting stabbed in the lower back. You'd think it would end there, but no. Turner then went into her home and emerged with a loaded gun and approached the younger man. Once again, his girlfriend tried to intervene, despite her injury. She was then shot five times in the leg. Additional shots were fired and the son was hit in the arm. Another two shots ricocheted and struck the son's girlfriend in the face and back.

Law enforcement officials soon arrived with a tactical support team and found the victims screaming in pain. Turner, meanwhile, emerged again from the house following a two-hour standoff and was "heavily intoxicated."

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He left the gun inside when he approached the police officers but was still considered a threat. Instead of getting shot, Turner was hit with a flexible baton round and then arrested. His victims are all expected to survive. Officials discovered a baseball bat, a pistol, a "smoking device", some green plants, and various other drug paraphernalia inside the house once they received a search warrant.

Court documents obtained by local news outlets did not say whether Chevy or Ford was deemed the superior carmaker.