Chevy Want to Make Corvette Z06x Track-Only Special

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Because some maniacs at Chevy think the Z06 just isn't extreme enough.

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is the fastest production Vette ever. It's faster even than the C6 ZR1, and while Chevy have said a C7 ZR1 is not going to happen, it appears a stripped-down race-spec version of the new Z06 is on the table. Speaking with Car and Driver, Corvette product manager Harlan Charles said: "The idea was a non-street-legal, factory-built track car, and that is something that we are considering would be a great thing to apply to the new Corvette Z06."

I mean that's something we could see in the future." The idea Charles is referring to is the Corvette Z06X concept that debuted at SEMA 2010. That came with a stripped-out interior featuring a roll cage, racing seat and safety harness, as well as an adjustable carbon-fiber rear wing, enhanced suspension, carbon ceramic brakes and a polycarbonate rear window. The concept never made it to production, but the future looks a lot brighter for a C7 Z06X especially given Chevy's recent experience building the Camaro Z/28.

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