Chevy Wants An All-Terrain Colorado

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Another surprise that'll make off-road enthusiasts very, very happy.

Only a week after Chevrolet pulled the curtains and revealed its new Colorado, early reports are coming in about some of the brand's big plans for its mid-size pickup. Let's cut right to the chase: dealers are already receiving customer inquiries about a future off-road version. Those dealers then went straight to Chevy and told them what their customers had been demanding. Chevy has now wisely decided and confirmed that an off-road variant is "absolutely" on the table.

According to GM North America President Mark Reuss, "there's all kinds of opportunity for accessorization and powertrain variants in a platform like this. There's a lot of things you can do here that you can't do in a full-size truck." Just what exactly does Reuss have in mind? Aside from that off-road version (a new ZR2?), Reuss said he's "making a bet" that a manual gearbox is coming. As of now, only an automatic is being offered, but it appears that'll change soon. Hopefully that manual will be on an all-terrain Colorado with a higher ground clearance and other off-roading enhancements.

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