Chevy Wants To Dominate Autocross With The Camaro Turbo AutoX

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The baby Camaro has been given a handling-focused tune job for SEMA 2016.

Usually when automakers bring custom cars to SEMA they bring powerful models. Of course there are some exceptions. Not every automaker feels the need to trot out souped-up sports cars or muscle cars. Some bring custom vans to SEMA to show off. Still, we thought it a bit weird initially that Chevrolet decided to bring the baby Camaro, the one with the 2.0-liter turbo-four, to SEMA 2016. This is the Camaro Turbo AutoX, and as you might have guessed it was designed to dominate autocross events with both its paint and performance.

The Camaro Turbo AutoX was made using a mixture of in-house aftermarket parts and custom parts, called "concept" parts, aka those not available for purchase…yet. The stock parts consist of a new suspension lowering kit made up of stiffer springs with shock absorbers to match. This new setup drops the ride height by 0.75 inches. The automaker's performance front brake kit, made up of six-piston Brembos and 370 mm two-piece slotted rotors, was also installed. In the back there's a Chevrolet Performance exhaust. The two four-inch outlets are claimed to cut back pressure by 14% and make the car sound cooler. That's all for the standard bits as everything else added to the Turbo AutoX falls into the category of "concept."

Those parts include the "plus performance" handling pack made up of a strut tower brace, stronger roll bars and stiffer suspension links. Other concept parts include a short-throw shifter, cold air intake and 20-inch aluminum wheels wrapped in Goodyear tires (285/35). The paint, in case you were wondering, is "Shock Yellow." We aren't sure how many people autocross their Camaros (we know some autocross Ferraris) but we would love to see the Turbo AutoX turn up at a Detroit-area autocross event and prove its worth. Chevy, we'll be eagerly awaiting video of such a stunt, and for these "concept" parts to be offered to Camaro customers. You gotta give the turbo-lovers something!

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