Chevy Will Finally Start Offering 2019 Silverado Regular Cab

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But why did it take so long?

Pickup trucks have evolved far beyond their origins as simple work vehicles. In fact, many American shoppers are trading in their luxury sedans to buy pickup trucks as automakers continue to offer more luxurious new trim levels. As trucks continue to offer a reasonable replacement for sedans and SUVs, more people are opting for crew cab models with loads of passenger space.

If you went down to your local Chevrolet dealership to buy the 2019 Silverado regular cab, you'd be out of luck. According to Autoblog, Chevy still hasn't made the 2019 Silverado regular cab available at dealerships but that should change very soon.

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The new Silverado regular cab is expected to arrive in dealerships during the first quarter of 2019. Even though GM has already introduced new generations of the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra, it has continued to produce the old 2018 models as a cheaper alternative for budget-conscious buyers. So if you have wanted a bare-bones regular cab model, the old Silverado was your only option.

So why has Chevy waited so long to offer a more basic truck? The simple answer is, people aren't demanding it. Chevy says 70% of its buyers want a four-door crew cab while just 18% want the double cab with shorter rear doors, leaving just 12% of buyers asking for the two-door regular cab.

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Since the regular cab is the least popular configuration, it is the last one to arrive at dealerships. Chevy still feels the need to offer a regular cab because 12% of more than 800,000 Silverados sold last year would still equate to around 96,000 regular cabs. This is a significant figure and enough to justify the regular cab's existence. When the regular cab does go on sale, Chevy says it will be less expensive than the double and crew cabs and will likely be offered in lower trim levels only.

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