Chevy Working on Stingray Z06, ZR1

It's been just a few weeks since the C7 Stingray was revealed and already there's early talk about the next Z06 and ZR1.

The celebration over the launch ofthe all-new 2014 Corvette Stingray has yet to die down from its debuted in Detroit last month, and already there aresome early details emerging in regards to the next Z06 and ZR1. Motor Trend is reportingthat the new Z06 will retain its 7.0-liter V8 but output could increase fromthe current 505 horsepower to as much as 600. However MT says GM won’t finalize details for the Z06 until things are fully decided upon for the next ZR1.

Motor Trend’s sources claim that the new ZR1 will be powered by an evolution of LT1 V8 that powers the new C7 Stringray, but supercharged (as with the outgoing ZR1 to potentially crack the 700hp mark. The outgoing ZR1 produces 638 hp, so we’re looking at quite a jump here. But Chevrolet will maintain at least a 100 hp gap between the Z06 and ZR1 in order to properly safeguard the latter’s status as king of the hill. At the moment, Chevy is keeping details under lock and key, but MT says it'll be at least a year before the new Z06 arrives, with the ZR1 to follow after that, as the Stingray revels in its limelight in base form for the time being.

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