Chevy's Future Corvette Plans Will Infuriate Purists

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Others will be delighted.

What may have originally begun as a rallying cry from a former long-time industry executive appears to be coming to fruition. There's no question this will spark plenty of debate. According to Bloomberg, General Motors is working on a strategy to build at least one new EV inspired by the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. The plan has not received final approval, but this is looking increasingly likely as GM embarks on an all-electric vehicle future.

Assuming the greenlight is given, the most likely scenario will be an all-electric crossover with heavy sports car influence. There's no doubt GM is partially inspired by the all-new Ford Mustang Mach-E and the general enthusiasm the vehicle is currently enjoying just as it arrives in dealerships.

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A couple of years ago, former GM vice president of product, Bob Lutz, made his case for a Corvette SUV as a way to expand the nameplate's influence and profitability. He also wasn't against exploring the possibility of a separate Corvette brand. There are potential drawbacks to GM's thinking, mainly the pushback from long-time Corvette fans and owners. Thing is, a majority of those opposed are older customers and GM, like every automaker, is focusing on the current and next generation of buyers.

Therefore, it has already tasked designers to begin work on several Corvette-brand concept vehicles, according to an anonymous source familiar with the plan, internally known as Project R or Brand R. One design directive is for these concepts to have mass appeal by combining the Corvette's high-performance and styling with more creature comforts, specifically increased interior space.

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It appears a final decision will be made relatively soon because the source says an on-sale date could happen by 2025. One thing was made clear already: any addition to the Corvette line would be a pure battery-electric. GM already has the right tools in place to build such a vehicle, specifically its Ultium platform which Mike Simcoe, GM's vice president of design, said last week at CES "will allow Chevrolet to further expand its range of electric vehicles to full-size pickup trucks, compact crossovers, and even high-performance vehicles."

GM already took a big chance by switching the Corvette from a front- to a mid-engine design when the C8 premiered in 2019. A 20 percent sales increase last year proved customers valued progress over heritage.

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