Chevy's Latest Financing Offer Is Mighty Impressive

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But there's a catch.

As the economy attempts to navigate through the coronavirus pandemic fallout, new vehicle sales have remained surprisingly robust. Why? The most likely answer is because of ultra-low and 0 percent interest rates, as well as other attractive incentives from automakers. While some buyers see this as a time to be cautious, others in more comfortable financial positions are embracing this new car buying opportunity. And now, General Motors has released yet another new offer many simply won't be able to refuse.

According to CarsDirect, GM is now offering a 72-month financing plan plus cashback incentives for various vehicles in its lineup of popular brands.

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For example, Chevy is now offering 0.9 percent interest for 72 months on nearly every single model. Want a $14,000 Chevy Spark or a $75,000 Silverado 3500 HD? No problem. Both are eligible. But, there is a catch and, sadly, not all buyers will even notice before signing on the dotted line.

Turns out the financing contract states dealerships have the option to mark-up the rate by 0.2 percent. They also have permission to lower the rate in exchange for a two percent bonus, courtesy of GM. In other words, every dealership can approach GM Financial's offer as they see fit. Now, a mere two percent may not seem like much, but say you purchase a $40,000 vehicle, this means you'll be paying an additional $2,524 in interest.

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Interestingly, some but not all 2021 models are also eligible for this latest offer, a somewhat unusual decision given that the whole idea behind the plan is to offload the remaining 2020 models. But if you're dead-set on getting a good deal on a new truck or SUV, then you might be disappointed.

As we learned last June, the country's inventory of new trucks is pretty low. Again, blame the coronavirus and the resulting factory shutdowns. Automakers, including GM, Ford, and FCA, have since been trying to make up some of the lost time with assembly lines up and running again. Still, inventory remains low and your ideal 2020 Chevy Colorado, for example, may not exist. Those who are interested in taking up this new low-interest offer should know that it expires on November 2.

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