Chicago 2011: 2012 Acura TL

2011 Chicago Auto Show / Comments

While some car's looks improve with age, the Acura TL is, well, definitely not one of those cars. Apparently the automaker has received the message loud and clear because they have toned things down for 2012. Acura has unveiled their mildly facelifted TL sedan at this year's Chicago Auto Show to mainly positive initial reviews. First off, designers have refined the car's front-end grille styling.

And since the interior has always been a major plus, Acura decided to leave that department alone. The TL's new front look also includes a redesigned bumper with improved aerodynamics, updated headlights and turn signal, new fog light design, and shorter front overhang. Engine options remain the same but there's a new six-speed automatic transmission that improves both performance and fuel efficiency. Acura has also done some major work inside in order to reduce wind and road noise.

They've also updated the HDD-based navigation system to 60 gigabytes that expands map coverage, increases the USB speed connection, and the VGA monitor has brighter and richer colors.

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