Chicago 2011: 2012 Shelby GT350

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As the 2011 Chicago Auto Show comes to a close, there was one last premiere that left us craving for yet another pony car matchup. Shelby America revealed their new 2012 Shelby GT350 which will be offered as a convertible for the first time since 1970. A total of 350 units are scheduled to be built. According to Shelby, the basic hardware package has been carried over from the 2011 GT350.

There will be two engines offered: a normally aspirated V8 with 430 hp along with two supercharged variants that will produce 525 hp and 624 hp, respectively. Color choices will include Performance White with blue Le Mans stripes, Red Race with white Le Mans stripes, and Kona Blue with white Le Mans stripes. Pricing is set to start at $26,995 for the normally aspirated trim and $33,995 for the supercharged. However, these prices do not include the base price for the Mustang GT coupe or convertible on which the Shelby conversion is based.

Last time we checked, a base 2012 Mustang GT coupe starts at $29,995 and $34,995 for the GT convertible. Expensive? Without question, but with such a low production run, the GT350 will likely become a highly sought-after collector's car.

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