Childsize Ferrari Testa Rossa J Replica Has A 49-MPH Top Speed

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This scale EV racer is probably scarier to drive than most Ferraris.

You wouldn't think that a tiny replica of a classic racer for the super-rich would be wildly popular, yet here we are. According to The Little Car Company (LCC), the waitlist for the smallest working Ferrari Testa Rossa J we've ever seen is a full year long. Apparently, the wealthy need a 75% scale toy car to shuttle their children around in. La dolce vita, as they say. If you're bummed about this tiny replica's rabid fanbase snapping up all the available cars for the next year, you'll be happy to know this car, a one-of-one, will be up for auction at Pebble Beach next week. The company predicts it to sell for between $90,000 and $120,000 USD.

If The Little Car Company sounds familiar, you may remember the brand from its collaboration with Aston Martin or the world's cutest James Bond DB5. Now, LCC is back, this time working with Ferrari to produce this shockingly detailed replica of the Le Mans-winning Ferrari racer from 1958.

The Little Car Company
The Little Car Company

The project is limited to a total of 299 scale replicas of the iconic race car, which won 18 races in its day, including four at Le Mans. The model you see here was developed hand-in-hand with Ferrari using original drawings and documents preserved by Ferrari's Classiche department. Each car was overseen by the Italian brand's Centro Stile, and features hand-beaten aluminum body panels, just like the original.

Each car uses a Ferrari 812-inspired Manettino to control its drive modes, of which there are four: Novice produces 1.3 hp and a top speed of 14 mph, Comfort bumps things to 5 hp and 24 mph, Sport brings power levels to 13 hp and 49 mph. Race mode keeps the top speed limited to 49 mph, but power levels are now at a whopping 16 hp. Apparently, the car's electric motor will propel it for a whole 55 miles before it's out of juice.

All cars also have pedals from the Ferrari F8 Tributo, 12-inch wire wheels with period Pirelli rubber, track-tuned Bilstein dampers, and enough room for a single adult driver.

The Little Car Company
The Little Car Company

Additionally, the instrument cluster has been repurposed with the tach now reading as the speedo, and the fuel gauge now displaying battery charge in a period-correct font and style. Even the seats and Italian Nardi wheel with quick-release are as close to the original Le Mans racer as the company could manage. But enough about the "regular" 1-of-299 cars.

This specific car is based on the 1958 Lucybelle II chassis, raced in-period by Ed Hugus and Ray "Ernie" Jackson. The livery is an exact match, using Ferrari's own paint and badging, save for the number 22 on the car's fore and aft, making this a 1-of-1 in another type of way. Additionally, the red seats with red piping are another exact match. Now that we think about it, this may be far too nice to give to your children to play with. It'll do 55 miles, that should go around the local circuit a few times.

The Little Car Company
The Little Car Company

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