Chillax, Dodge Reassures Us Both The Challenger And Charger Will Be Well Taken Care Of

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Without question they are the two stars of the current Dodge lineup, but there's a lingering question: will the Challenger and Charger remain rear-wheel-drive once their shared platform is retired? That's a question we've been wondering for some time; that RWD platform is over a dozen years old and dates back to the Daimler-Chrysler days. In fact, a previous version of it once underpinned an old Mercedes E-Class.


But Dodge (and Chrysler with its 300 sedan) has managed to engineer the hell out of it with regular updates, the latest happening last year. But we spoke with Head of Dodge and SRT Design, Mark Trostle, at Detroit last week and brought this very point up for discussion. His response? Acknowledging the advanced age of that RWD platform, Trostle assured us that both the Challenger and Charger will be well taken care in the future. He didn't outright admit it, but only smiled and gave a wink when we brought up the idea of the new Alfa Romeo-designed RWD platform, now being used for the new Giulia Quadrifoglio, as serving as the basis for the next-gen Challenger/Charger.

A complete redesign is still a few years' out, but Trostle reiterated we have no reason to worry; Challenger and Charger will live on. And, for the record, Trostle's daily driver is a Challenger Hellcat. He even drives it through those nasty Detroit winters with the help of winter tires. He's a true car guy.

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