China: Black Market Tesla Model S Selling for $136,000

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No warranty or software updates included.

China's rich elite is apparently so enamored with the Tesla Model S, that its members are willing to pay a $13,000 premium over the already-inflated local price tag for the car - just to cut a few months off the wait for the popular EV. By buying the Model S on the black market, they're also forgoing such niceties as dealership support, warranties and service. This reality was highlighted with the recent arrival of fourteen examples at a dealer in Tianjin, all carrying the hefty price tag.


Black and gray market car sales are common in China, where new car ownership is an important status symbol for the newly rich. But the situation is further exacerbated with the Tesla, as the black market models will not receive any of the connectivity required for software updates, which are necessary to keep the car in-line with other Model Ss on the road.

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