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China Cancelled Jaguar Land Rover's Design Patent For The Evoque

Lawsuit / Comments

Because China.

Not long ago we reported that Jaguar Land Rover (JRL) had filed a lawsuit against Chinese automaker Jiangling Motors for copyright infringement. The subjects in question? The Land Rover Evoque and the way too similar looking Land Wind X7. At first glance it's pretty hard to tell the two a part. Although this wasn't the first time (and likely not the last) a Chinese carmaker has ripped off the design of a Western competitor, JLR finally decided it had enough. So it sued.

But last April, according to Automotive News, the Chinese government actually invalidated the Evoque's design patent. Why? Because "the design had been displayed or published elsewhere before a patent application was filed." Welcome to China. However, the following month, China's so-called patent examination board also invalidated the Land Wind X7's patent. Reason being is that it (no shit) looked too much like the Evoque. Both automakers can appeal the board's decision but JLR says it's still continuing with litigation against Jiangling Motors for ripping off its design.

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