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China Continues To Blatantly Copy Famous Supercars

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It seems that nothing is sacred in the world of cut and paste copies.

Blatant Chinese copies of cars from automakers around the globe are nothing new, we have seen dozens of oddly proportioned imitations of SUVs, sedans and even a few sports cars over the years.

Now images of what looks to be the source of some of those fake supercars and hypercars have appeared on Instagram and there is no doubt that these copies are starting to look more and more like the real thing.

There is not much info provided with the images and it is unclear whether all of them originate from the same source, but reading through the comments and it appears that some have been taken in Thailand. What is abundantly clear is that the business of shamelessly copying iconic designs from other manufacturers is alive and well in the East.

One image shows white fiberglass molds of a Lamborghini Veneno, Ferrari LaFerrari and Pagani Zonda, not the usual misshapen lumps we usually see but well-proportioned copies that leave the viewer in no doubt as to what they are.

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The photos of a finished Veneno show just how far these replicas have come, there is no telling what is under the louvred engine cover, but it is unlikely to have much in common with the original's 740 horsepower 6.5-liter V12 unit. The Maserati MC12 and Bugatti Chiron copies show that both steel and what appears to be plastic or carbon fiber moulds are also used to construct these fakes.

The market for these half-arsed hypercars is currently protected by Chinese laws that don't take intellectual property rights of other countries all that seriously. This may yet change as the Chinese motor industry seeks to gain acceptance outside of its borders, there are already some Chinese manufacturers that are releasing original designs they hope to sell to a global market too. That may make these hypercar copies rarer than the originals.