China Has Once Again Rolled Out Bigger Women-Only Parking Spots


What seems sexist to us is sensible in China.

The Chinese city of Hangzhou is in a bit of hot water after photos of its women-only parking spaces recently surfaced online. The spaces are at a highway service station and are 1.5 times wider than a normal spot. Of the 370 spots at the service area only eight are lined in pink and have a pink female character on them. Reportedly each spot is used about 15 times per day. The idea behind the spots is that women sometimes need help parking, especially backing in, and that bigger spaces make them feel more confident and comfortable.

Of course women-only parking spaces are nothing new. Seoul, South Korea, offered parking spots designed specifically for the fairer sex a few years back and Germany has had larger spots for ladies for a while. While this kind of thing wouldn’t fly in America those on Sina Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter, don’t seem too bothered by the whole thing. A total of 63.7% of Weibo users surveyed (1,700 in total) thought the parking spots were a good idea. We won’t even poke the hornets’ nest that is this topic, but feel free to leave your thoughts and feelings about these women’s parking spaces in the comments.

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