China Reveals 536-Horsepower Electric Minivan With 510-Mile Range

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And it has first-class airline seats in the back.

If you haven't been paying attention lately, you might not know that buyers in China have access to way more electric vehicle options than we have in the United States.

China gets EVs from established brands like Toyota and local creations such as the Avatr 11, which produces 578 horsepower and can go 422 miles on a charge. Chinese automaker Geely, which owns familiar global brands like Lotus, Polestar, and Volvo, just released a new electric MPV called the Zeekr 009, which looks fantastic.

When we say it looks fantastic, that's not in reference to the boxy minivan styling, which would never fly with an American audience. But looking at the interior and the battery specifications, the Zeekr 009 is far more impressive than any electric people carriers we have incoming or currently on the market.


The 009 is the first EV to use CATL's (the biggest battery manufacturer in the world) ultra-long-range 140kWh Qilin battery pack, which enables an 822-kilometer (510-mile) driving range. Of course, that range is measured on the Chinese CLTC testing cycle, which is way more optimistic than the EPA test. Twin e-motors deliver a combined power output of 536 horsepower, meaning this van can hit 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

It's not just quick in a straight line; the Zeekr 009 has a stout suspension setup. At the front, there's an independent double wishbone setup, and at the back, it incorporates a multi-link all-aluminum configuration.

For additional comfort, the 009 uses an automated air suspension with a CCD electromagnetic vibration reduction system.


Many automakers claim their cabins offer a first-class experience, but the Zeekr 009 actually includes Sofaro aviation cabin seats in the second row.

These seats are wrapped in full-grain Nappa and come as standard with a massage function. Creature comforts include hidden tables, a digital TV ecosystem, vehicle AI with six independent voice recognition zones, and an in-car communication system so passengers in the first and third rows can chat with each other.

Sadly, there is no way Zeekr will sell the 009 in the US, as the brand has zero presence here. Zeekr also builds a handsome shooting brake called the 001, which we'd love to see imported as a Polestar or Volvo. Perhaps some of the company's stellar battery technology will trickle over here in a more familiar package (like the upcoming Volvo EX90).


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