China's Chery Unveils a Pair of Concepts Ahead of Beijing Auto Show

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One of China's leading carmakers will debut two concepts in Beijing to share their vision of future motoring.

At the upcoming Beijing Auto Show, two new concepts from Chery Automobile will make their world debut. Those unfamiliar with the automaker should be informed that it's the country's fourth largest in addition to being Jaguar-Land Rover Group's newest associate. Chery will unveil a design study for a compact crossover dubbed the TX and a futuristic prototype that goes by the name of Ant Concept.

The stylish TX is believed to showcase the company's future design language as well as being a new crossover model. As for the Ant Concept, this is pure fantasy built to demonstrate an alternative method of city community using identical vehicles able to connect to each other. Several Chery production models will also be gracing the show floor at Beijing once the auto show opens its doors on 23 April.

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