China’s Chevrolet Camaro Police Car

The Triad will be keeping their heads down whenever they see this bad boy in their rear view.

In a country where a Smart police car is being seriously considered, a Chevy Camaro dressed in police livery is a sight for sore eyes. Unfortunately this isn't the real deal. As the Camaro is one of the most popular sports cars on the road, owning one that stands out from standard models and China-only Transformers Edition Camaros is all-important. Taking the fantasy to a new level, a 'Seacrest County, State of Wyoming' sticker has been slapped on the Camaro.

This is the fictional setting where Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit takes place and where 'the police are the best of the best.' So not only does proud-owner Wang have a fake police car, he has a fake police car from a computer game. Made-up bad guys will be worried silly.

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