China's Fake Land Rover Is Now On Sale For Only $21,700

Would you drive it?

So remember that carbon copy of a Land Rover Evoque that a Chinese car manufacturer unveiled not too long ago? Well, in case you don’t, allow us to briefly bring you up to speed. A complete rip-off of the Evoque called the "Landwind X7" was recently produced in China and is scheduled to be released this summer. When the Landwind is compared side by side with the Land Rover, the only discernible differences are the badges,a few minor styling details, and names. The two are practically the same vehicle.

In fact, they are so similar that Land Rover filed a complaint with Chinese officials in 2014 for theft of its intellectual property. However, it now seems as if Land Rover’s complaint has fallen on deaf ears as the Land Wind X7 has officially debuted on the Chinese market for a fraction of the Evoque's price. Beginning this August, the X7 will be available in dealerships across China for only $21,700. In comparison, the Land Rover Evoque costs Chinese buyers $64,000. 5,500 customers have already placed their orders with Land Wind.

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