China's Fake Range Rover Evoque Just Crashed Into The Real Thing

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This has got to be funny even to the folks at JLR.

One of the funniest stories in the auto industry, at least for those who don't work for Jaguar Land Rover, has been the ongoing battle between the English company and Chinese automaker Jiangling Motors. At issue are two cars that look very much alike: the Range Rover Evoque and the Landwind X7. This blatant copying has led JLR to sue Jiangling. Legal drama aside, the two cars finally met in the metal on the streets of Chongqing, China. Chinese site ITHome captured the crash and Car News China followed up with details.

From the photos we can tell that this is more or less a fender bender, with Car News China confirming that the accident was minor and that no one involved was injured. Ironically the Chinese police sided with the driver of the Land Rover, which means the Landwind X7 owner will have to pay up. We don't expect the Chinese courts to do the same, but if any of JLR's lawyers are looking for precedents to cite when making their case they might want to have these photos and the accompanying police report handy.

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