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China's Jeep Grand Commander Coming To America As A Dodge?

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Every 'Journey' must come to an end, right?

We've known Jeep is working on getting a three-row SUV on US roads. To that end, a new Wagoneer or Grand Wagoneer is expected to debut within the next couple of years, but even some Jeep dealerships think this could be too little too late.

And they won't be happy if this rumor turns out to be true as Allpar is reporting that a certain Chinese market three-row Jeep could be making its way stateside.

The Jeep Grand Commander was spotted with literally zero camouflage last March in the US so we know that it's coming soon. So why does Jeep need two three-row SUVs? Well, it doesn't. But FCA might have other ideas.

Allpar has reason to believe the Grand Commander, really nothing more than a lengthened and modified Cherokee, could actually be coming to the US as a Dodge. Instead of building this rumored Dodge in China where the Grand Commander is manufactured, production would shift to the Cherokee plant in Belvidere, Illinois. The Windsor and Toluca factories are also possibilities.

Dodge could actually really use a new crossover because its current three-row offering, the Journey, has been on sale since 2009. Though it has received some upgrades over the years, the Journey is terribly out of date compared to literally every other crossover on the market, regardless of size.

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What the Journey still has going for it is value, with a starting price under $23,000. Rebadging this stretched Cherokee as a Dodge would be relatively easy and inexpensive. We also wouldn't be surprised to see the Cherokee's engine lineup being used as well. It's all within the FCA family. We'll reach out to FCA and Dodge after the holidays for any comment.