This Cheap-Looking SUV Is Coming To America

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But would this be enough to entice you to buy one?

The Zotye T600 is set to be one of the first Chinese-built cars to go on sale in the United States. Zotye USA and partner company HAAH Automotive Holdings are making a smart move entering the US market with a compact crossover rather than a sedan or hatchback. The only issue is that the T600 looks pretty cheap. A few of our commenters pointed out it looks like the outgoing Volkswagen Tiguan, which is not high praise for a brand-new car in 2019.

Like other Chinese automakers, Zotye has had an issue in the past with some of its cars looking like models from other manufacturers. The T700 looked like a Porsche Macan and the T900 looked like a Range Rover, so we wouldn't be surprised if the T600 undergoes some styling changes before it arrives in the US to avoid angering VW.


Along with its aging Tiguan-inspired exterior, the T600 doesn't appear to have a particularly high-quality interior either. We don't know how much the SUV will cost, but speaking with Automotive News, Duke Hale, CEO of HAAH Automotive Holdings said the price could be up to 20% lower than competitors from Kia, Hyundai, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and VW. The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is one of the least expensive SUVs in the compact class with a starting price of $20,945. If the T600 is able to beat it by 20% with a base price of just $16,756, it could sell well regardless of how cheap it feels on the interior.

Zotye is planning to open fewer than 140 dealerships in the US, which is a low amount for a mainstream brand. "We think that's going to be a huge key to our success," Bob Pradzinski, senior vice president of sales for Zotye said. "It's a little risky because we're putting all our eggs in a lot less baskets. But I think we can override that risk by just trying to pick the right dealers." It's far too early to know if Zotye can be successful in the US, but with an extremely affordable base price, we could see a future where the company is successful.

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