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China Isn't Happy About Aston Martin Recall

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A Chinese sub-supplier used fake plastic for a vital part and now China is annoyed at Aston Martin for issuing a recall?

Earlier this month, Aston Martin issued a recall for every model built since 2007 with the exception of the Vanquish. The issue was that a counterfeit, Chinese-made part had been used. Specifically, a Chinese sub-supplier used fake DuPont plastic material for the accelerator pedal arm. Aston Martin, for obvious reasons, was less than thrilled with this news and issued the recall because it didn't trust anything counterfeit from China. Who would?

Fortunately, no accidents or injuries have been reported (so far), but Aston Martin isn't taking any chances. And now China's state-run media is slamming Aston Martin for issuing the recall, stating that the UK automaker is using the stereotype of low-quality 'Made in China' manufacturing to cover up its own mistakes. Aston Martin hasn't responded to this, but other official Chinese news outlets have also now joined in the criticism. One even stated that "Aston Martin plays 'Made in China' blame game" and that 'Made in China' is "just the scapegoat of the glorious automaker."

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Basically, a Chinese third-tier supplier was contracted by a larger Chinese supplier, which in turn was contracted by a UK manufacturer. And get this: even the Chinese supplier that provided the fake plastic to the third-tier supplier in the first place doesn't even have an official business registry. So if we're understanding this correctly, the Chinese government is pissed and insulted because Aston Martin wants to be sure its owners are kept alive? Apparently that's exactly the case.