China's Honda CR-V Is An Elegant Seven-Seat City Dweller

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Does it look better than the American-built CR-V?

Honda has introduced an all-new Breeze in China, heavily based on the 2023 Honda CR-V that made its debut earlier this year in the USA.

As you can see in the images, the Breeze and CR-V share a similar side profile, but the front and rear are different. America's version is pretty aggressive, while the Chinese version has gone a more elegant route. It has a much smaller grille but a larger lower air intake. Around back, you'll find horizontal lights instead of the stacked units on the US version.

The black cladding around the wheel arches has been removed and replaced with body-colored panels. That makes it evident that the Breeze will spend its life roaming around the city and suburbs, though the same can be said of the CR-V.

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Why the two different models? It's primarily down to the design and what each country prefers. China is known for buying longer cars, and the Breeze is nearly a full inch longer. There's no growth in the wheelbase, however. That's usually a big selling point in China. It's worth noting that the new Breeze's wheelbase is a full 1.6 inches longer than the previous model, and that's likely what Honda will use as a selling point.

On the inside, the two cars look exactly the same, right down to the placement of the HVAC controls and steering wheel buttons. The Breeze also comes standard with the full suite of advanced driving assistance features and is powered by the same 1.5-liter turbocharged four-pot that produces 190 horsepower and 179 lb-ft of torque.

The main difference between the two cars is the Breeze being available as a seven-seater.

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You might be wondering why Honda doesn't just ship the US-built CR-V to that side of the world, but there's an interesting explanation.

Honda's massive product portfolio in China is closely connected with two Chinese manufacturers, Dongfeng and Guangqi. The latter is charged with producing high-end Honda models like the new CR-V, Accord, and several Acuras.

The 50/50 partnership with Dongfeng is even more interesting because it produces entry-level models, including the previous-generation Honda CR-V. Yup, you can buy both a brand-new previous-gen CR-V and an all-new model in China.

Dongfeng Honda even has a sub-brand called Ciimo, and its models are essentially rebadged eight-generation Civics. We're already on the 11th generation Civic here in the USA, launched in April 2021.

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