China's Latest SUV Looks Like A Bronco And Costs Less Than $22,000

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The Jetour Traveller may not have the most original styling, but it looks like a bargain.

Chinese brand Jetour has revealed early images of the Traveller, a decidedly retro SUV that borrows design cues from the past - and certain Western SUVs.

Jetour operates under Chery, an industrial giant that is currently ranked as the ninth-largest automobile manufacturer. Ahead of the official launch, Jetour has shared some details about the vehicle, but we'll get to that shortly. What's interesting to us is the copycat styling, which clearly gains inspiration from the Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender.

The blunt front end is unmistakably Bronco, with the Jetour brand name stretched out across the grille and flanked by two headlights. Even the shape of the hood is similar, although the Traveller appears to have chunkier bumpers and squared-off wheel arches.

From the front door onwards, British flair dominates thanks to the Defender influence, with an upright A-pillar and expansive glass house. This is also clear to see when viewing the car from the rear.


The taillights could have been lifted straight off the Land Rover and are even embedded in a black strip as they are on the British SUV. The positioning of the tailgate handle is identical as well, and so is the slim rear window. Jetour has, at least, differentiated the Traveller's spare tire holder by designing a more angular, color-matched cover.

Copycat Chinese design is nothing new, and this isn't even the worst we've seen. It's not even the first Bronco rip-off we have come across. But what makes the Traveller interesting is that the exterior was designed by a former Porsche designer. Hakan Saracoglu is responsible for Jetour's latest offering and was previously involved in the styling process for the Cayman and the iconic 918 Spyder.

It's by no means ugly, but is it original? We'll leave that to you to decide. But there's so much more to a vehicle than its design, and the Traveller has the potential to impress.


Three powerplants will be made available at launch. According to Car News China, conventional gasoline engines will be offered as turbocharged 1.6- and 2.0-liter mills, while a plug-in hybrid derivative will make use of a 1.5-liter. No power or performance figures have been provided, but the Traveller will receive an eight-speed automatic transmission or seven-speed dual-clutch 'box depending on the specified powertrain.

Four-wheel drive will be standard across the range.

Inside, it's a case of design by deja vu as the dashboard appears to have been inspired by the Bronco as well. It looks like a nice place to be, though, and the cabin will be offered in five- and seven-seat configurations. The standard spec hasn't been detailed but we can see a sizeable infotainment screen, digital instrumentation, leather upholstery, and configurable driving modes will be available. Wireless charging also makes an appearance.


You'd imagine that with its claimed capabilities and a well-equipped interior, the Traveller would command a hefty premium. Far from it. Pricing will kick off from RMB 149,800 (approx. $21,600) for an entry-level model while the most expensive models will come in at RMB 206,800 (approx. $29,800).

Whatever you think of it, there's no denying that's exceptional value for a vehicle that can be specified with seven seats and a plug-in hybrid engine. Of course, whether it's a true value proposition can only be determined once it hits the road and can be evaluated against its rivals, but so far it looks promising.

The copycat looks might not be to everyone's taste, but a chunky and affordable off-roader with these looks will presumably sell like hotcakes in its home market and elsewhere. The Traveller will hit the Chinese market in May, after an official unveiling at the Shanghai Motor Show in March.

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2021-2023 Ford Bronco Driving Front Angle
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