China's New BMW 5 Series Is Way More Luxurious Than Ours

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It's all about more cabin space and status.

In case you didn't know, China has a thing for long-wheelbase versions of existing cars. In general, LWB models are more popular over there, and it's such a strong market for these types of cars that the Chinese often get longer versions of cars that we only get in short-wheelbase format. There's the Audi A6L and even a longer version of the BMW 3 Series. Big luxury cars are in high demand in China, and we can even thank the Asian country for the existence of the Aston Martin DBX. Now, China is getting a lengthened version of the recently refreshed G30 BMW 5 Series.


The new model will have a wheelbase 5.1 inches longer than ours for a final measurement of 122.24 inches, resulting in more rear legroom. It will be premiered at the Beijing Motor Show that is being held in the Chinese capital from the 26th of this month to the 5th of October. It's promised to be more than just a stretched 5 Series, offering options like a panoramic "sky lounge" glass roof and a special Fond-Entertainment infotainment system with two tiltable touchscreens. BMW Operating System 7 will also feature new graphic displays and enhanced voice control for the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant system.

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Gear Shifter

In addition, the new 5 Series will also offer a comfort rear seat with more ergonomic upholstery and more comfy headrests. This will be exclusive to the Chinese market, as will a plug-in hybrid model called the 535Le. This model will produce 288 horsepower and will be offered with the M Sport package. So why not rather get a normal 7 Series? Well, would you rather have the most basic version of a car, in turn showing that you couldn't afford the top trim, or would you rather have a fully loaded version of a slightly smaller car? The reasoning holds up.

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