Chinese-Built Long-Wheelbase Volvo S60 Coming Stateside

Would you buy it?

The Volvo S60 is a pretty good-looking car, and it offers allof the performance, luxury, reliability and safety that American customers havecome to expect from the Swedish manufacturer. So a little bit more of thatgoodness - in the form of an extended-wheelbase version - should be an appealing ideafor American customers, shouldn't it? But will buyers in the United Statesstill be drawn to the car knowing that it was imported to America from China?

Volvo has just announced it will import theChengdu-built S60L to the US and Russian markets, where it will ride on the same2,856 mm wheelbase as the one it's offered with in China. Like it or not, the move toChinese imports won’t be limited to this model, as Volvo will also be manufacturing the US-spec 2015 XC90 – expected to be one of its best-sellingmodels in America – at the same factory.

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