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Chinese Guy's New BMW Burns To A Crisp After Blessing It With Incense

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It should have been a joyous moment. It wasn't.

Buying a brand new BMW is a special occasion, especially when it's your first one. Some may take the car to a nearby driving road or even the track, others may mark the event in another way. As Autobuzz.my reports, a Chinese gentleman who recently purchased a new BMW felt it was necessary to bless his car with burning incense to start things out right. Only it all ended very badly. The man should have known better because fires and cars are a bad combo, even if the burning incense wasn't directly next to the BMW.

For some reason, the owner left the car and incense unattended for roughly 20 minutes. Then his neighbors called to say his car was on fire. By the time the local fire department arrived it was too late. The BMW, which we think was a new G30 5 Series, although it's hard to tell from the photos and video, was a goner. Only its bare metal remained.

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Heck, the owner didn't even get the chance to screw on the license plates. But if the burning incense was far enough away from the car, how did the fire break out? CCTV footage managed to catch some kids moving the incense closer to the car. Without any other plausible explanation, that was the likely cause. Damn kids. Fortunately no one was hurt. The poor owner should have just taken a selfie with the car and called it a day.