Chinese-Made Range Rover Evoque Copycat Gets A Facelift

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It still looks fake.

You've got to give Jaguar Land Rover credit where it's due. The UK automaker has been leading the legal battle against those Chinese automakers who shamelessly chose to steal its designs. Look at the Range Rover Evoque. Then look at the Land Wind X7. It's shocking, really, but at least JLR has made an attempt to put an end to this outright intellectual property theft. The Chinese government, not so surprisingly, doesn't see much of a problem.

In any case, like all vehicles, the Land Wind X7, on sale (in China only) since 2015, has just had its mid-life refresh. It still looks like an Evoque clone despite its designers pathetic attempts to hide their previous theft. Let's start at the front end, which now sports a more rectangular headlight design with LEDs along with restyled bumpers and grille. There's also new wheel designs and a roof rack. The rear end has received the most attention. It has, mostly, ditched the Evoque's rear styling in favor of something, while not at all original, less Range Rover-ish. The taillights are re-sculpted and there's a chrome strip connecting them.

But designers still couldn't bring themselves to alter the rear bumper and exhaust outlets; they still look nearly identical to the Evoque's backside. There are some under the skin updates too, like a new 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 160 hp and paired to an eight-speed automatic. There's also an optional 2.0-liter turbo four sourced from Mitsubishi. So, it seems there were a few minor attempts by the X7's Chinese designers to cover their tracks, but we all know the real truth: fake is fake.

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