Chinese Made Self-Driving Car Was Stuck In London For Its US Debut

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Awkward, to say the least.

Fully autonomous electric vehicles are quickly becoming the next big thing, and companies new and old are racing against each other (with Tesla in the lead) to bring the first one to market. Anyone remember China's LeEco? We reported not long ago about how it raised a billion dollars in funding for its upcoming EV production car. According to Automotive News, however, the car's US debut in San Francisco didn't quite go as planned. In fact, it was pretty embarrassing. Why?

The prototype was stuck in London. So, the debut happened without the star car itself. Awkward. The reason for the transit delay was because it's being featured in "Transformers 5." LeEco's billionaire founder, Jia Yueting, made it to San Francisco in time, and even ran down a runway covered in dry ice for effect to tell the gathered audience about the mess up. "It shouldn't be me running out here, we didn't have any other choice," Jia explained. "What we wanted was me in the car, and the autonomous car drives me out." Instead of the new prototype, the previous LeSEE prototype, pictured here, was made available to the audience after the presentation.

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