Chinese Ripoffs Combine Three Cars Into One Pint-Sized Package

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They do look kind of cool as far as EVs go.

Zotye Auto is doing its best to make an EV that at the very least looks cool. It brought the E200 and E30 to the 2015 Shaghai Auto Show. If these mini cars look familiar it's because they share striking similarities to the Smart ForTwo, BMW i3 and even the Tesla Model S. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" and "go big or go home" were likely the mottos of Zotye's design team. The exterior is a mashup of the ForTwo and the i3 (peep the blue trim).

The E30 is the higher trim and as such sports a giant touchscreen that might as well have been ripped from the Model S. Both offer crap in terms of performance, with 50 mph the top speed for both models. The E200 has a max range of 74 miles while the E30 can do 93. Although they are ripoffs of nicer cars, Zotye's electric minis come in at a pretty affordable $11,275.

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