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Chinese Tesla Owner Builds His Own Charging Stations


Because Tesla itself wasn't fast enough to get a recharging network up and running.

Tesla has finally gone on sale in China. As much as people there love the car, they still have one major complaint: a lack of charging stations that span across the entire country. It’s a fair criticism against Tesla, considering owners there paid hefty sums for their cars. But one Chinese Tesla owner and businessman isn’t waiting for the EV automaker to get that charging grid up and running.

At his own expense, which is actually double what he paid for the car itself, Zong Yi is planning a route that’ll cover more than 3,572 miles across 16 different cities in China. A total of 20 charging stations will be constructed between 62 miles and 248 miles apart. So where’s Tesla in all this? Turns out it’s actually helping Zong get his project underway. It will sell him the chargers, and Zong is also working with Tesla’s head of Chinese operations so that everything is fully coordinated. The idea, at least for now, is to install the chargers at hotels along the planned route. But why hotels and not conventional gas stations or other rest stops?

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Zong stated that "if we can install at hotels, we can handle everything on our own and avoid dealing with property management, power companies and the government." Zong will donate the chargers to the hotels and their owners will be able to collect charging fees from Tesla drivers.