Chinese Woman Paid For Her New BMW In A Way That Stunned The Dealer


Apparently they're not used to this payment method.

Chinese culture revolves around honor, respect, and status. In fact, rich people often don't like driving; they prefer to be driven around in large luxury cars. Brands like BMW are used to seeing this type of client in their dealerships, but one recent customer managed to stun them. According to the South China Morning Post, a woman, who reportedly owns a food retail business, walked into a Zhengzhou BMW showroom with a mountain of one-yuan and 50-cent bank notes as down payment for a new 730Li.

All told she was carrying 100,000 yuan, or about $16,140 USD. She paid the rest of the one million-yuan ($161,400) car with her credit card. Before the dealer could accept the cash, it took a team of 20 employees six hours to count the money without any rest (it's China after all). The dealership's manager said this was the first time he and his staff had to count this much cash at one time. Photos courtesy of

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