CHiPs Comes to Leno's Garage

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Instead of having police cars chase him on the freeway, the CHP stops by Jay Leno's garage to show off some classic cop cars.

A guy like Jay Leno is not the biggest fan of police cars. It's known that he loves to drive the many cars in his collection at various speeds (mostly high) on California highways. But since he's a car guy at heart, the Denim Chin still has an interest in police cars and how they're modified from the standard cars on which they're based. And in this latest episode of his web series, representatives of the California Highway Patrol stop by Leno's slice of heaven with five of the best cop cars from the past 40 years.

Unlike most police departments, the CHP actually had some pretty cool cars in its lineup over the years, such as an old Fox body Mustang V8 with a five-speed manual. And yes, that car was meant to chase Porsches for a living.

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