Chopped-Top Ferrari F40 Barchetta Beurlys Chops Up the Track

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Before there was J, there was the "Beurlys."

Lamborghini recently brought out their one-off Aventador J to the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and it garnered much acclaim. The chopped-top Aventador packed a 700hp 6.5-liter V12 engine and sold for $2.74 million. Well, long before the Aventador J reared its flat, unobstructed head, there was the Ferrari F40 Barchetta Beurlys. The one-off Ferrari F40 Barchetta Beurlys was the passion product of Belgian billionaire, car enthusiast and part-time race car driver Jean Blaton.

He raced under the alias Jean Beurlys, where the chopped-top F40 gets its name. The Ferrari F40 Barchetta Beurlys recently hit the Assen Circuit track in the Netherlands on March 30th. Check out the excellent action below.

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It utilizes a bi-turbo V8 rated at 760hp and a curb weight of 800kg (1,763lbs) to achieve some terrific speeds and perform well on the track. It has been timed to run from 0-62mph in 3.1 seconds and achieve a top speed of 230mph. There are several stories behind the origin of the F40 Barchetta Beurlys, such as it being a privately-commissioned model built by Argentinian engineer Mario Navarete or a fiberglass replica with an Alfa Romeo engine. Ferrari doesn't recognize it as an official model, though we hope that Beurlys really did indeed take a new Ferrari F40 and chop the top off himself.

We do know that there is a push-rod actuated coilover system (in lieu of a double-wishbone suspension), modified exhaust system which exits out the rear wheels and a full steel roll cage to add rigidity to the F40. A small windscreen provides a bit of protection for the driver on the track.

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