Chris Brown Covers His Lamborghini in Tupac Lyrics, Presumably Because Nobody is Interested in His


Must be rough to be 25 and past your prime.

The past couple of years haven't been great for Chris Brown. Though he enjoyed a huge amount of success early on in his career, his past couple of albums, including one that's only a few days old at this point, haven't really been all that well received, especially by critics. Whether or not this is related to his being a scumbag is difficult to say for certain, but it is clear that he had to do something to change his luck.

Since Brown has always been pretty good at giving obnoxious paint jobs to Lamborghinis, he seems to have decided to go with this tactic in order to get people to pay more attention to him. This time his Lamborghini was painted with Tupac lyrics, painted on by Tattoo Huero. It does certainly catch the eye, although Lamborghinis tend to do that on their own as well. And since we already know this is coming - you can call us haters if you want - just don't expect us to feel sympathy for men who beat women.

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