Chris Brown Just Took Delivery Of The First Ever Rezvani Beast


And paid $35k extra to make it happen.

As was reported on Carbuzz earlier this month, rapper Chris Brown recently placed an order with California-based Rezvani Motors to be the first person to own the new 500hp Beast. What we didn't know in our initial report is that Brown actually shelled out an additional $35,000, on top of the $165,000 sticker price, to guarantee that he would get the very first production model. Well it would now seem as if that extra cash made all of the difference, as the hip hop artist was recently filmed taking delivery of his new Rezvani Beast.

The delivery took place on the music video set for Brown's new single "Liquor." What's amazing about the rapper's purchase of the Beast is that typically it takes Rezvani between 12 to 14 weeks to hand build the car. However, the auto maker was able to prepare the supercar for Chris Brown in only two weeks.

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