Chris Evans Finally Speaks About His Departure From 'Top Gear'


According to Evans, he just wasn't the right fit.

Former "Top Gear" host Chris Evans hasn't been so chatty as of late. He has only posted twice on Twitter about his departure from the show, but now he has opened up about the experience in a column for The Daily Mail. The column features a review of the Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet, but the more important details of the piece are about "Top Gear." Evans calls his time on the show a "complete honour, privilege and a pleasure" and wonders if it was "a dream or did [he] really get to work on Top Gear for a whole year?"

He sums up his time on Top Gear by saying that he was "a square peg in a round hole." We think that this is a realization that fans reached long before the first Chris Evans episode was even filmed. Evans was too loud, and, in our opinion, not enough of a car expert to provide intelligent reviews. In the column Evans also addresses the reports that he and costar Matt LeBlanc didn't get along. Evans points out that LeBlanc is "a total mensch and extreme petrolhead" and that he is "the captain Top Gear truly needs going forward." Evans' says that, "The whole time I worked with him, he never once looked at the clock, was never late on set, [and] knew his lines inside out and back to front."

After finishing up his summary of his time on "Top Gear," Evans resumes his review of the S-Class. He reaches the not-so-surprising conclusion that the S-Class Convertible is luxurious and the V12 version is probably even better. Evans ends the piece with a post script that reads: "I am entirely sad Top Gear didn't work out – I would have loved to have carried on working on it. But letting go with a smile on your face is far better than clinging on till you look constipated. Know what I mean?"

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