Chris Evans Is Reportedly In 'Crisis Talks' With The BBC: Could He Be Off 'Top Gear'?


The ultimatum has come after only a single season.

It seems as if the UK is temporarily out of order right now. England lost to Iceland at the Euros and the UK voted to leave the EU. But the original crisis for those across the pond was the new "Top Gear" and its multitude of issues. At one point the show was one the biggest things in the auto industry, but since Jeremy Clarkson was fired for punching out a producer its fortunes have turned. It seems like all anyone has to say about "Top Gear" is how bad the show has become and how toxic Chris Evans is.

British tabloid The Sun has just revealed that Chris Evans is reportedly in "crisis talks" with BBC entertainment boss Kate Phillips that could dictate the future of his role on the show. Apparently the issue with Evans is that he exhibits diva-like behavior on set, barking orders at the crew and throwing tantrums fit for a child. His control freak behavior is not only displeasing to the BBC executives and the crew, it also does not fit in with a show that used to be about wild and carefree adventures. To try and calm things down on set, Phillips will give Evans an ultimatum in the form of a plan. Essentially, the plan is designed to rein in the head honcho's wild behavior.

Evans will have to release some creative control over the show and learn to act respectfully or face getting kicked to the curb during the 24th season of "Top Gear." Even though Evans has had a central role in the show while the other hosts served as backups, the fans like and recognize Matt LeBlanc better. If Evans ends up getting sacked, LeBlanc could become top dog. However Chris Harris, Sabine Schmitz, Eddie Jordan, and Rory Reid would get more attention as well. The current season is set to air its last episode this Sunday. Evan's "crisis talks" will begin after that. If he leaves the show it would be the second massive Brexit in less than a month.

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