Chris Forsberg Uses Nissan 370Z To Humiliate A Porsche At Willow Springs

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Here's the hooligans way of doing a lap at Willow Springs Raceway.

Usually when Willow Springs Raceway pops up on our radar, it's because Randy Pobst of Motor Trend is wrestling some big bad race car on its tarmac in order to get to the bottom of what makes it tick, and he's usually the lap time leader at the track. This time around, we get another professional race car driver although his medium is much different than Pobst's. Each racer's driving style is an art, but that's like comparing Pablo Picasso to Andy Warhol because Pobst's and Forsberg's methods are night and day.

Of course we're talking about regular racing versus drifting, the latter of which is Forsberg's specialty. True to Donut Media's name and creed, the YouTube channel once again documents what happens when a fast car is modified to go faster (courtesy of two turbochargers in this case) and hits a race track without a shred of interest in turning a quick lap time.

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The rear tires are the first to suffer, as is any living being in the surrounding area hoping for a breath of fresh air. Most humiliating though is the poor Porsche 911 that's being used as a camera car behind it. You can almost hear Ferdinand Porsche turning in his grave as one of the most sacred track cars ever gets used for little more than pointing a camera at a lowly Nissan and eating its tire smoke through the intake vents. Still, old habits die hard and some racing drivers are prejudiced towards European cars that make it "too easy" to pull off these kinds of stunts. Keep doing your thing Forsberg.

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