Chris Harris Borrows $6 Million To Shoot A Top Gear Test Of The F12 tdf

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This is Top Gear not Chris Harris On Cars, so of course he starts the episode with $6 million dollars of car.

Chris Harris has recently been undergoing a crossing wires of sorts. He has reviewed many of the fastest and most lustworthy cars that this world has to offer before, but now that he’s employed by the BBC, he must do so for Top Gear as well. That’s why even though Harris has already driven and reviewed the Ferrari F12 tdf, he now has to turn around and do it again for the Top Gear camera crews. What a chore. As we can see, the style in which Harris presents the tdf is much different than before.

This time he begins the segment in typical Top Gear fashion: by driving a $6.27 million Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Tour de France.

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However he quickly ditches that for a much faster and more modern ride, the F12 tdf. Both cars are separated by a gulf so wide that it’s hard to distinguish any similarities aside from a front-mounted V12 engine, two doors, power going to the rear, and yellow badges bolstering a prancing horse silhouette. From there on, everything changes. While the 250 GTO may have been used for the original Tour de France, where drivers went on a grand tour of the European country and hit racetracks along the way, this F12 tdf is intended for nothing more than blistering lap times and tire abuse. At least this is the area where Harris feels most at home given his love of hooning and the F12 in general.