Chris Harris Buys a Ferrari 599

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Life is unquestionably better when one owns a V12 Ferrari.

British auto journalist Chris Harris is a known lover and owner of supercars. He's also gone on public record stating that he doesn't like Ferrari (the company) for many reasons, but still loves its cars. As a result of him simply stating his opinion, he's now persona non grata at Maranello, but that hasn't stopped him from purchasing a used 599 GTB. Having sold his Porsche GT3 RS4.0, one of the finest supercar ever, for financial reasons, his 599 purchase was due to its recent decrease in value in the UK market.

Reason being? The new F12belinetta is just hitting dealerships and demand for it is high. If anyone is surprised by Harris's decision, then be sure to watch this video where he gives a good explanation for his supercar switch. Just listening to the sound of that Ferrari V12 roar is a valid reason for anyone to crave a Prancing Horse.

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