Chris Harris Drives the Bowler EXR-S, World’s Fastest SUV


The maker of the Wildcat is working on a new Rally Raid machine and a road-going variant.

Bowler is a carmaker best known for its custom-spec Rally Raid machine the Wildcat. The company is now shifting its attention to a new design based on the Range Rover Sport called the EXR, which is expected to make a top-ten finish at the Dakar Rally. And due to customer demand, Bowler is also working on a road version they are calling the EXR-S. Chris Harris recently took the development machine for a spin at an undisclosed location, somewhere presumably in southern England.

The road car has a supercharged 5.0-liter Jaguar V8 good for around 550hp and 700lb-ft of torque, and without any interior trim comes in at a smidgen over 1,700kg.

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It's currently running with an off-road suspension, and once this is sorted there's every chance this will be the world's fastest SUV. Click the link to check out Chris Harris hooning the EXR-S street version around a private road before heading offroad to sample the EXR rally machine.