Chris Harris Drives the Cayman S

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The competition will have a hard time finding a way to match the overall dynamics and driving feel of the new Porsche Cayman S.

Just watch him drift. The newly redesigned Porsche Cayman S is just that awesome. Auto writer and presenter Chris Harris is in complete agreement that the new Cayman is a fantastic machine. Not only does the new car drive better than its predecessor, but it also visually looks better. Powered by a 3.4 flat-six that pumps out 325 horsepower, the Cayman S now comes with electric steering as opposed to the now discontinued hydraulic system.

This unfortunately leads to a lack of steering feel, but as our host notes, we're stuck with the technology for now. But here's the thing: Harris thinks current Cayman S owners should upgrade to the new model because of its precision and "extra edge of brilliance."

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