Chris Harris Drives the Singer 911

Motoring TV

Auto writer Chris Harris heads to the California-based Singer Vehicle Design where the small company creates what's possibly the best modified 911 ever.

Like Chris Harris, we too have been waiting for him to get behind the wheel of a Singer customized 911. This isn't just any Porsche 911. In fact, most of the work hasn't even been done by Porsche itself. No, this is the work of the brilliant and dedicated (and even a bit crazy) people over at Singer Vehicle Design. It took two years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop. The formula is simple: customers work with Singer using a 964 Porsche 911 (which keeps its original VIN) to give it some new life - all the while remaining a pure 911.

Harris also takes a tour of the Singer factory, which looks like nothing more than a standard warehouse. But the truth is that place creates some of the finest aftermarket automotive works of art one can buy these days. Harris has nothing but praise for Singer and the work it's done that gives a whole new meaning to what a classic 911 could become.

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Singer's restoration, tuning, modification, and customization services are provided solely by Singer Vehicle Design, that they are not approved or endorsed by Porsche.