Chris Harris Flogs Mercedes SLS GT

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Ever wanted to know what it's like to drive the mighty SLS AMG GT? Short of getting behind the wheel yourself, your best option may very well be listening to what Chris Harris has to say.

One of our favorite auto scribes and video hosts, Chris Harris never misses an opportunity to drive the most powerful, unique and just plain fun cars out there. This week he braves the cold and grey skies, heading to the Hockenheim circuit to take the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT out for a few test laps. He soon found himself pondering the following: whether the SLS GT AMG is worth the extra cost over the "base" model and is it a more satisfying car to drive than the Ferrari 458.

Compared to the standard SLS Coupe, the GT has an additional 20 horsepower as well as a more refined gearbox. Harris says that it literally does feel like he's driving a mid-engined supercar. Judging by his reactions, Monkey clearly enjoyed the experience.

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