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Chris Harris Gets Giddy Over the Volt

This certified gearhead calls it a "complete game changer." Naysayers take note.

The Chevrolet Volt is supposedly a controversial car. But is "controversial" the right word? Wouldn’t "innovative" be a better choice? Well, that’s all going to depend on who you ask, and a political debate will likely ensue. However, if you were to take a few steps back and appreciate the Volt for what it is, maybe even actually drive one, chances are you’re going to walk away impressed. It’s practical, comfortable, serenely quiet, and according to Chris Harris’s pal Matt Farah, returns 125 mpg.

That’s just astonishing and best yet, the Volt is pure USA engineered and built. Harris is a true oil-in-his-blood gearhead and if he’s full of this much praise for the car so many of his kind can’t stand, then perhaps it’s worth a second look – without the politics this time.

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