Chris Harris Gets His Own Web Show On Top Gear's Website


So...exactly what he was doing before?

The third episode of Top Gear this season was the best one so far. This is due in part to excellent reviews by Rory Reid and Chris Harris. The duo had mainly been relegated to the behind the scenes show Extra Gear, but we finally got a taste of what they can do last week in a big role. Viewers really responded well to seeing Chris Harris do a review and Top Gear is listening to its fans. Top Gear has announced a new web series that will air on its website called 'Chris Harris Drives.' The show will be similar to the very popular 'Chris Harris On Cars.'

"If you want to know even more technical details about cars, hear more in-depth analysis, I hope we'll be the perfect destination," Harris says. "I want the films to be just as they were on Chris Harris on Cars, with added slow-motion slides."

Harris also added that one benefit of having the series hosted on Top Gear's website will be the chance to spread the content "as far and wide as possible," so hopefully that means viewers in the United States can watch it. We are sorry Harris, but if you thought Top Gear was going to make it easier for your content to make it to the US, you were greatly mistaken. Up until recent seasons, BBC America has waited weeks before airing new Top Gear content. We were all excited to see Chris Harris on Top Gear, but for some reason the BBC is focusing all its efforts on having him do exactly what he did before he was hired. We already had a Chris Harris online show. We really don't understand what the BBC is doing.

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